Logistics Marketers: How to Use Content to Inspire Action When Prospects Are Evaluating Options

November 22, 2019


In this week’s blog post, we will continue our in-depth examination of the Sales Content Funnel guide we created to help logistics companies attract, convert, and retain customers with content. After implementing consistent blog posts that incite the prospect’s interest and push them to make contact in Cold Prospecting, the prospect will hopefully (and enthusiastically) move forward to the second stage of sales: Evaluating Options.  


Your prospect may now comprehend the value of what you sell; however, they do not understand how you compare to your competitors. You need make them aware of their options with you by leveraging case studies and other forms of social proof. Highlight the less obvious possibilities for them beyond merely saving money, and help them think strategically about your solution by exemplifying the long-term benefits of selecting your company. 


Evaluating Options requires creating content with more information on the quantifiable and technical benefits of your solution. You want to establish some separation from your competitors in a subtle manner but avoid coming across as too “salesy,” or inauthentic.


Use the content you create in this stage to depict your company's potential for the prospect, create a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO), and inspire them to take action. Once you accomplish this, the prospect will being willing to progress to setting up a demo or meeting in the third stage of the journey, which we refer to as Lead Generation.



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