Are you in Asia, but want to sell your logistics services to U.S. companies? We'll get you there.

  • Connect with U.S. logistics decision-makers (who make buying decisions)

  • Establish your brand with companies who need your services - guaranteed

  • Grow your company (for less than the cost of a trade show)

What's preventing your company from selling more in the U.S.?

?  Unable to find and start conversations with the right people

?  Ineffective marketing content (such as poor sales collateral, website, blogs)

?  Language and business culture is too difficult ​


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ShipStarter Connect is an expert at helping foreign logistics companies grow market share with U.S.-based firms. Every country has its own way of doing business, and we'll translate your solution into the best marketing message for the U.S. Plus, we'll help find the right decision-makers you want to talk to. 

The U.S. is the world's biggest market for logistics services, yet due to language and business culture it is hard for Asia-based service and technology providers to build relationships with customers in the U.S.

ShipStarter is the leading global logistics marketing agency, dedicated to helping logistics companies market their services and grow revenue. Our ShipStarter Connect product creates and executes sales and marketing solutions for Asian logistics companies looking to grow with U.S.-based shippers and other companies.

We provide the cultural understanding and logistics-market specific sales and marketing expertise foreign companies need to be successful selling to U.S.-based companies.

ShipStarter Connect is the most prestigious and sought after logistics marketing agency for logistics companies in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Australia.